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You have options. Senior living means the senior is living a quality of life either at home or in a residential care building. 

You are about to make a large financial commitment!  Let us walk you through the process of finding exactly the right options for your senior. The options that provide the optimum level of care, mental stimulation, and the most supportive surroundings.

Many seniors, even those needing Alzheimer’s care or other dementia care, would prefer to stay in a home environment for as long as possible.  Whether it is your home or theirs, this choice produces questions.

What facilities does the home need to be senior-friendly?  What type of daily elder care is required?  Who will be the primary senior caregiver?  What assistance is available?

Let us become your professional mentor as we work through these questions together.  Based on the information we discover, we will:

  • Provide suggestions and tips on senior home-based care.
  • Locate and evaluate available senior centers.
  • Help you organize a schedule that includes activities and mental stimulation.
  • Help you determine if you need an outside elderly caregiver, and guide you through the process of finding an accredited service company.
  • Conduct research on optional assisted living and residential care.
  • Personally accompany you to senior living communities of interest for a tour and in-depth evaluation.
  • Interpret relevant reports, such as physicians’ reports, site inspections, and insurance reviews.
  • Discuss the financial resources that might be available to you, including veteran’s benefits, long-term care insurance, reverse mortgages, etc.
  • Provide a sounding board as we work through the pros an cons of each option.

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