Peace of Mind Formula

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  Stepping into the maze of Senior Living Options can be overwhelming


Whether you are looking at Assisted Living, Board and Care, Skilled Nursing or Staying At Home, we are there alongside you through the process

Senior Advocacy · Emotional Support · Family Meetings · Administrative paperwork · Physician reports · Financial resources · Residential care options · Assisted Living · Dementia Care · Skilled Nursing · Legal Considerations ·  And much more

Our mission is to promote an environment where family and the senior are inclusive members in the Peace of Mind Formula – a proactive plan for the best care for a senior when they need it.  We do this with integrity, respect, and encouragement. 


· Inclusive Solution Building and Planning · Medical Review ·  Search for Residential Care and At-home Options · Negotiate Fees On Your Behalf · Consolidate Options Into One Document ·   

Many seniors, even those needing Alzheimer’s care or other dementia care, would prefer to stay in a home environment for as long as possible.  Whether it is your home or theirs, this choice produces questions.

What does the home need to be senior-friendly?  What type of daily elder care is required?  Who will be the primary senior caregiver?  What assistance is available?

 Let us become your professional mentor as we work through these questions together.  Based on the information we discover, we will:

  • Provide suggestions and tips on senior home-based care
  • Locate and evaluate available senior centers
  • Help you organize a schedule that includes activities and mental stimulation
  • Help you determine if you need an outside elderly caregiver, and guide you through the process of finding an accredited service company.
  • Conduct research on optional assisted living and residential care.
  • Personally accompany you to senior living communities of interest for a tour and in-depth evaluation.
  • Interpret relevant reports, such as physicians’ reports, site inspections, and insurance reviews.
  • Discuss the financial resources that might be available to you, including veteran’s benefits, long-term care insurance, reverse mortgages, etc.
  • Provide a sounding board as we work through the pros an cons of each option.


· Implement plan · Review Agreements ·  Negotiate Fees on Your Behalf  ·  Present at Day of Signing Agreement  · Emotional Support On Day Of Move-in · Conduct a 30 Day Post Move-in Assessment ·


·  Advocate For Senior ·  Color Photo Taken ·  Address Any Concerns · General Observation  ·  Announced/Unannounced Monthly Visits · Family Report Within 5 Days · 

So many of us live all too far from loved ones receiving elder care, making it difficult to visit them as frequently as we would like.  Less frequent visits means we might be unaware of important changes in their condition.  Let Centinela be your eyes and ears.  Our many years of experience in senior living industry enables us to assess how well your senior’s living arrangements are working for him or her.  Centinela will visit your senior at home or in their senior residential care facility to produce a Peace of Mind Monitoring report.  We will address:

  • Are they getting the care they need?
  • Do their surrounding still meet their physical, mental and social needs?
  • How is their overall well-being? 


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