Monitoring Service

·  Advocate For Senior ·  Color Photo Taken ·  Address Any Concerns · General Observation  ·  Announced/Unannounced Monthly Visits · Family Report Within 5 Days · 

 Are you able to visit your senior as often as you would like?

So many of us live all too far from loved ones receiving elder care, making it difficult to visit them as  frequently as we would like.  Less frequent visits means we might be unaware of important changes in their condition.  Are they getting the care they need?  Do their surrounding still meet their physical, mental and social needs?  How is their overall well-being? Let Centinela be your eyes and ears.  Our many years of experience in senior living industry enables us to assess how well your senior’s living arrangements are working for him or her.  Centinela will visit your senior at home or in their senior residential care facility to produce a Peace of Mind Monitoring report, including:

  • A current photo of the senior, taken when we visit
  • A review of living conditions
  • An updated list of medications
  • Observations of your senior’s social interactions

Are you having trouble working out a problem with your senior residential community?

If your senior is already in an assisted living residential community, we will help you to work out any conflicts that may arise during their stay.  Each case is unique.  The range of possible problems might include:

  • Caregiver issues
  • Billing issues
  • Lack of Activity program
  • Dining issues

Centinela will review your existing conflict and work with you and your senior living provider to come to terms with your situation. Our years of experience in elderly residential care administration gives us the “insider’s edge” when it comes to working out conflicts and disputes with your retirement home.  We’ll snap the red tap and ensure that your senior is receiving the care he or she needs, and that any financial disputes are settled fairly. Whether your senior is receiving elderly home care or is in a senior residential community, this valuable report will bring you the Peace of Mind that comes through having complete and reliable information.  

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