Kira Anthofer, CEO, Centinela Senior Solutions, head shot, 2013

Kira with her great-grandmother


Centinela Senior Solutions is an organization founded to personally guide you through the process of evaluating and making decisions about your senior’s care and living arrangements.  We also provide conflict resolution and long-distance oversight services.

The key figure in Centinela Senior Solutions is Kira Anthofer, a California licensed administrator for assisted living and dementia care communities.  Over the past ten years, Kira has managed communities for some of the nation’s leading providers of senior living facilities.  Communities managed by Atria Senior Living, Integral Senior Living and some smaller owner/operators have all benefited from Kira’s distinctive approach, which emphasizes the importance of a warm, supportive, family feeling and home-like environment.

Creating nurturing communities for seniors is a natural outgrowth of Kira’s lifelong passion for working with the elderly.  Her introduction to seniors enjoying their golden years came when she was a young child with a doting Russian grandmother and great-grandmother.  One of Kira’s fondest childhood memories is she and her great-grandmother learning together how to write the English alphabet from an illustrated children’s dictionary.  Kira was seven and her great-grandmother was an 84-year old Russian immigrant.

When Kira turned 15, her first volunteer job was at a skilled nursing home as an activities assistant.  There her duties included making room visits, leading exercises and conducting arts and crafts activities.  She loved working with seniors, and this positive experience led to her philosophy of treating every elderly person with the same dignity, respect and caring she accorded her own beloved great-grandmother.

As a young woman, Kira graduated from UC-Santa Barbara (and played Gaucho Women’s basketball!).  Besides her years as an administrator, her contributions to senior living included collaborative projects in activity, dining, and dementia programs.  In Fall 2011, Kira spoke at a state conference for the California Assisted Living Association (CALA) on the “Benefits of Laughter for Seniors and Seniors with Dementia”.  Kira is also a certified Laughter Yoga Leader.  Currently, Kira is the secretary for the San Diego volunteer organization RCFE Disaster Preparedness Task Force.   The Primary focus of the organization is to train and bring awareness of disaster preparedness to owners/operators of assisted living communities in San Diego County.

During her time as an administrator, Kira noted the confusion and stress many families endure as they try to make the right choices for their elderly loved ones.  She began Centinela Senior Solutions because she saw a real need for a personal guide, a sentinel, to help families negotiate this transition.  Kira’s inside knowledge of “the system” helps reduce confusion, bring peace of mind, and ensure that your senior family member ends up with the best possible living arrangements for their unique needs.

At Centinela, our focus is always on what is best for the senior.  Kira is honored when a family invites her into their home.  She looks forward to visiting yours and to being your guide during this period in your senior’s life.